Our UX Design Process

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By Matthew Chambers

User Experience

This is a key concept for ANY designer who is building a platform that people will interact with from Apps to computer software and websites.

Every UX strategy may vary between agencies and individuals but the fundamentals stay the same.

Our UX specialists come from a range of professional backgrounds including Psychology, Education and design, which informs best practice for user based research.


Our Approach

We look to research and understand who will be using the UI. What is the demographic? Age? Gender? Interests? Needs? Journey? The design is tailored towards this group of people.

Structure – Layout – Content – Functionality. We use Sketches and wireframing software to get initial structure down on paper. This may include working prototypes.


Working models are tested. For example we use Adobe XD to build working prototypes of app’s and WordPress to build websites. The usability is tested with a sample from the target demographic. This sample of users can feedback on the effectiveness of the design and how it feels to use. The interface should be simple, fast and enjoyable to use. 

Following tweaks from usability testing, the design elements of the App/website can be implemented. This is the extra fun part, where our creativity is let lose resulting in designs that look amazing, and fit with the branding of the product/company.

Coding and delivery. The design is built using streamlined code that ensures responsive, fast designs that work exceptionally well whatever the device. Delivered to the client.

Ongoing support for integration in to existing client systems or tweaking code to ensure smooth operation and perfect functionality.

Full circle. Feedback from our clients and their users experiences is key to constantly improving service. We pride ourselves on being relentless in our search for the perfect user experience through any interface.

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